[NEWS] Dong Hyun-Bae to Join “Alumnus”


Actor Dong Hyun-Bae has joined the movie “Alumnus”. Big Bang’s TOP(Choi Seung-Hyun) also has taken part as the lead role in “Alumnus”, which is regarded as a high anticipated job.

According to a representative from the movie, Dong Hyun-Bae will appear as one of the bunch ‘iljin’* of in “Alumnus”. The personality of Dong Hyun-Bae’s character is someone who tortures the protagonist (TOP) constantly.

“Alumnus” is a movie about Myung-Hoon, who grew up into a killer in North Korea, and comes down to South Korea in order to carry out his mission to murder. This movie is gaining a lot of expectation as it will be directed by Director Park Shin Woo, who has directed “White Night”, and TOP’s screen comeback after “Into the Fire” two years ago.

Last year, Dong Hyun-Bae who had gained reputation from the movie “Metamorphoses (변신 이야기)”, has also appeared in a band in tvN drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Bang (닥치고 꽃미남)” and recently has featured in “Rude Miss Young-Ae (막돼먹은 영애씨10)”. Moreover, in this upcoming November and December, he is to participate in theater play “Scent of Love (국화꽃 향기)”, showing the face of “multi-man”.

T/N. ”Iljin” is a school gangs that have a strong pride in their membership and they think they are leader or no. 1 in everything. More explanation here.

Translated by: youremytaeyang


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