[TWITTER] Taeyang Twitter Update (120916)



@notoriousgonzo: @Realtaeyang
Hyung swagged out

: @Realtaeyang Young Bae oppa was so awesome today. Oppa’s dougie is real. Dong Young Doug Oppa

@jhs7987: Finally… 10 days hell of schedule has ended!! Really suffer a lot.. Seven Oppa’s concert has ended successfully ^.^ Dong-Wook Oppa jjang!!!!!ㅋㅋ To Crazy and Hi-Tech who suffered in Korea, USA, and Japan, fighting +_+
@officialse7en: Sexy CRAZY is also jjang ^^
@Realtaeyang: @officialse7en good job hyung!! I should have come to see (the concert)!
@officialse7en: @Realtaeyang Then, what would you do if you come? Since you didn’t come, it’s ddaeng! Ddaeng~~ Youngbae eliminated!!
@Realtaeyang: @officialse7en Ah~~~~ Eliminated..?.. Hyung..

Translated by
V @TaeyangINA


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