[TWITTER] Taeyang Twitter Update (120920)

Looks insignificant, being insignificant, it’s always like a big nose. To me, a person who looks the most insignificant, is also the most precious person to someone. And, actually… insignificant person doesn’t exist.

The ability of life is the strength to stand up again between the things that I can’t settle down on my own. As long as you stand up… no matter who it is will be able to go til the end.

@mingkki21: At HanSung church!! Have a cup of coffee with my mom ^^ We came for disciples!! We need to go to pray a lot!!!
@Realtaeyang@mingkki21 Minzy-ya go to work
@mingkki21: @Realtaeyang Oppa please go to work to now!

Translated by V @TaeyangINA


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Love & support Taeyang always
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