[TWITTER] Taeyang Twitter Update & Replies (120924)

“There is nothing more foolish than having lingering feelings. There won’t be any lingering feelings if it fails even after I put in my all.”
“Tidak ada yang lebih bodoh daripada memiliki perasaan yang melekat. Tidak akan ada perasaan melekat jika aku gagal, meskipun aku telah berusaha semampuku.”

Then, SE7EN replies to Taeyang’s tweet saying:

@officialse7en: Hyung doesn’t have any feelings for you…
@Realtaeyang: Then give me your all..
@officialse7en: Sorry.. That’s too much work~
@officialse7en: I’ll just keep it as having lingering feelings for you~^^
@Realtaeyang: Okay~
@officialse7en: Why are you so carefree~~~

Korean to English Translation by
English to Indonesian Translation by @kristinekwak

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