[TWITTER] Taeyang Twitter Reply + ReTweet (121001)


@IBGDRGN: YB with Jolie
@Realtaeyang: I love her :3
@EBONYEUN: I really want to see her. There was a time when Gaho was also that big !!
@IBGDRGN: She’s growing so fast.. I’m eating gizzard shad with Min Kyung noona and Youngbae. Youngbae says we should have it in Autumn
@EBONYEUN: There’s nothing Youngbae doesn’t know. Dr. Dong.

When I’m a happy person, I remember a lot more people who helped me. When I’m an unhappy person, I remembers one more person who brought me hard times.
Saya yang bahagia akan mengingat lebih banyak orang yang telah membantu saya, saya yang tidak bahagia akan mengingat satu orang lagi yang telah menyulitkan saya.

Translated by V @TaeyangINA

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Love & support Taeyang always
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