[TWITTER] Taeyang x Mina Kwon Twitter Convo (121004)


@Realtaeyang: Is it on Gmarket..? (Taeyang is talking about an sweet-egg ice cream (?) which Mina Kwon ever mentioned on Twitter before)
@MINAKWON: I’ve tried and gone to 4 stores for you last night and none of the stores have it. Gmarket also doesn’t have it. It’s an ice-cream that doesn’t exist in the world
@Realtaeyang: ㅠㅠWhy.. Why on earth (it doesn’t exist)ㅠㅠ
@Realtaeyang: I don’t know. Originally, it was common, but since you’re looking for it, it’s all gone. This is all because of bae-drip* ㅠ If I found one in US, I’ll send it to you

*NOTE. “Drip” is neologism for sudden gag which could be funny or absurd. Mina Kwon is playing with words by saying “Bae-drip”

@MINAKWON: Listen to Miguel‘s new album~
@Realtaeyang: I’ve already listened (to it)

Translated by V @TaeyangINA

About TaeyangINA

Love & support Taeyang always
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