[TRANS] Taeyang’s Interview on Jang Woo Chul’s First book “여기와 거기” (Here and There)

Jang Woo Chul (@ouryoungdays) is an editor of GQ Korea who tweeted about his 4-hour interview with Taeyang that results in over 20 pages of talks before. He then revealed that it will be a book, his first book. The book consists of not only an interview with Taeyang but also with other Korean artists. The book was originally planned to be released on October 5th, but then it was postponed.

Anyway, here is a little part of his interview. Thanks to YBMania and SOL-mate who shared the scan of this page, choiinseok.blog.me who shared a short part of the interview, and miboyz.tistory.com who retyped the text from the CF video! ^_____^

Page 321 (screencap from the video, which I think is the very first page. Thank you so much to miboyz.tistory.com who re-typed the text so it’s easier to me to translate since it’s hard to read from the screencap >_<)

sLCYu.png (1095×733)

JWC: You come with a hat. I knew you would come wearing a hat.
TY: Yes, I finished late last night. I didn’t sleep and went dancing. I come here as soon as I got up.

JWC: The spring has come?
TY: (stay still for a while) To me, spring has come. It has totally arrived.

JWC: Will you install the camera? If there’s no fort camera, the words won’t be said.
TY: Me? Who told you that?

JWC: I said so. Unlike the old, even in television entertainment program  you look thinner. Are you coping/dealing with something?
TY: Um, actually I don’t care at all. It doesn’t come to my nerves.

JWC: Even so, spring has come? How did the spring come?
TY: Ah, you don’t think so? It’s not about me aging a lot, actually. Being in my 25 years old, I have a totally renewed feeling. It’s an entirely different feeling. By the way, didn’t you originally planned this interview to be by a river?

JWC: Ah, we talked about Hantan River that time. I had forgotten.
TY: When you said that, I was expecting something. I like scenery.

JWC: Even though you like scenery……… There are times when expression is slightly the opposite. Feeling of wanting to love not nicely.
(not so sure about this sentence)
Being a twenty-five, did you treated so hard in the park?
What kind of person is Youngbae’s mother?

TY:  She’s an extremely ordinary person.

JWC: When you confront an ordinary yardstick, is there also unordinary person?
TY: Very, very, very sensitive. I don’t like that.

Page 327
 (screencap from the video. Thank you so much to miboyz.tistory.com)

(Words written on top-left)
“This is the hat that was worn during ‘Look Only at Me’ MV shooting. Anyway, I washed it and I think I’ll give it to you.” (not so sure about this)

Page 345

19795835507803550BD0F8 (800×1084)

JWC: Most treasured/cared collection?
TY: I don’t have something that I treasured/cared for. I like white tee.

JWC: A place where you want to live?
TY: South Korea.

JWC: Most prominent/stand out characteristics?
TY: Indecisiveness.

JWC: Haha, a charm that men need the most?
TY: Passion.

JWC: A charm that women need the most?
TY: Femininity.

JWC: The proust questions will stop here. Now, what does a song mean to Taeyang?
TY: A song (after a short silence) is a joy to me. Although there will be joy from drinking or meeting someone I love, I (can) feel that from songs/music. I think I’m at the climax right now. But, I don’t have any desire for it (music).

JWC: There’s no pick of desire.
TY: It doesn’t mean I’m against it. I will wait until the moment I see ‘painted’ music. That’s me.

JWC: So you will just wait?
TY: Really, it’s something I don’t know. It might be even tomorrow.

JWC: It’s annoying.
TY: Actually, there’s a goal I’m working on this year. It was already prepared and there is something ready to be prepared.

JWC: So, you’re preparing something?
TY: Yes. Obviously there is. But, something that I really want to say, I will not produce it now. My desire for music is endless. I think right now is my peak/golden age. I think of nothing but music. But, it’s not to make things difficult to me. It’s my best condition. I accept and express everything.

Page 334-335

1974564C507E3B3B34D359 (512×1280)
(It is continuation from the previous page but we haven’t get it, so will only translate what we have here. And, for the last question, it continues to another page, which we don’t get as well)

JWC: And, suddenly making apologetic face, right?
TY: To be honest, I like to do comical face (expression like in comics).

JWC: Aren’t you ashamed of saying you like comics?
TY: You don’t know the comic called “One Piece,” right? It’s the best one according to me.

JWC: You like to have limits. (Don’t understand the second sentence)
TY: After a while/long time, I want to travel. In the past, I always like to travel and talked about it. In fact, until then, I don’t know why I like travelling. Even though I have quite enough opportunity to travel, I didn’t do it. First of all, it’s not fun to go alone. And then, accidentally, things will come up, whatever things will come up, if it’s not this place, it’ll be some other place,  is this refreshing? Although I didn’t travel a lot, I felt something when I went to Okinawa, Japan last year. I feel like finding something that I’ve been losing when I arrived there. Although I’ve wanted to say things like this so much, I’ve said it when I was a child. I feel refreshed/renewed. I want to be everywhere.

JWC: Strangely, such thing will also tinged in your eyes, don’t be irritated.
TY: I guess it has never crossed my mind that I consider the problem itself irritating.

JWC: What kind of existence/presence of Taeyang to ‘people’?
TY: I hope I’m a person who when people look at me, they will obtain ideas and inspiration.

JWC: You really think like that?
TY: Yes, I want to be someone like that.

JWC: Boys become men?
TY: In what part?

JWC: I don’t know.
TY: I think I’m becoming a man. I can’t say “became.” I haven’t become a man yet.

JWC: Then, how do you know you’re becoming a man? Is there a signal? Pressure cooker gives dull sounds, right. (I think it’s an idiom means when a cooker is done cooking, it will produce sound. The sound is the signal.)
TY: Just like that. That’s correct.

JWC: Hmm, what is correct?
TY: The signal is felt. Sincere people will really have the thought of having (someone/something). In the past, I didn’t have this kind of thought. And then–this is a slightly different side–but for the members, you need to mind it? Compare to the past, it cost bigger that it can’t (be compared). Now, I have the thought of want to live together.

JWC: I still have the video of your 2nd solo concert ‘SOLAR’ in summer 2012. It was at the same place but totally different image.
TY: Ah…… Well, (after a short silence) um…… It’s vague. It’s not grown-up/childish. Yes.

JWC: Time has passed, eh?
TY: Yes, it has passed a lot. And, I think things truly change along with that moment.

JWC: People always want a smooth/seamless way.
TY: Yes, you’re right. No matter how much I’ve changed, there will always be people who won’t accept me. Saying child-like words at that concert, it is a feeling that will only be in that moment. Such concert will not come back again, and I don’t know why it’s like that as well. It seems to be the last. It was blue and subtle. From that memories, although I will meet again with the audience, if I think of that moment, it was quite……

JWC: You said you want them to be happy no matter whose song they listen to, right?
TY: Yes, good songs.

JWC: Do you think of making another song by yourself, like your first one, “Take It Slow”?
TY: Whenever I listen to that song, “it doesn’t fit into this album,” that’s what I thought the most.

JWC: Do you remember the lyric? (During the concert, he missed the lyric of that song)
TY: I remember.

JWC: Liar.
TY: I can’t remember.

JWC: The “slow” from “Take It Slow” means to protect to boys, is that what you mean?
TY: Haha.

JWC: In our interview a couple years ago, you said drinking makes depravity and there was no end to that kind of talk, but now I see that we don’t need to talk about it. (cont)

(shared by choiinseok.blog.me)

JWC: I have some Proust’s questions. They are questions invented when Marchel Proust was with his friends, so let’s try these questions. Then, should I start? If you could change one thing in you? (This is what is called Proust Questionnaire)
TY: (after a short silence) anything? (after another short silence) I wish I will not think too much.

JWC: Your greatest happiness?
TY: Ah…… (blank for a long time)

JWC: I know this would happen. I know you would pause like this.
TY: See? I said I want to get rid of having a lot of thoughts. Even in the moment I answer this, do I really mean that? Do those words real? Is it the correct answer to this question? I  can’t stop thinking.

(Please don’t hesitate to tell me if there are mistakes! ^^
And, if you found more pages, I’d be glad if you share it with us ^^)

Scanned by
 YBMania, SOL-mate
Shared by choiinseok.blog.me, miboyz.tistory.com
Translated by V @TaeyangINA

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