“SOLAR” Album Commented on MBC FM4U “Jung Yup’s Blue Night”

MBC FM4U “Jung Yup’s Blue Night” chose Solar album as the 12th album for music commentary on January 13th. Jung Yup and the guest, Nine, played the whole Solar album track-by-with track commentary.

[오프닝 멘트]

*Nine = N
*Jung Yup = JY
N: I’m looking forward to tonight’s music.
JY: Me too. In fact, in the opening just now, we didn’t say words (about the music). What music is it… This week, you can expect what kind of sentences will born, but first, Nine-ssi, please introduce the music we will listen together tonight.
N: Should I? First of all, this album you’re going to listen is music of memories, it has the same feeling of  old alumnus. So, the music that has been prepared tonight will be a little different from the music that just came out lately.
It’s Big Bang’s vocalist.
JY: Kya~
N: It’s Taeyang’s solo album.
JY: Taeyang!!
N: Yes (laugh)
Taeyang is a member of the group, Big Bang, from 2006, right? And, he has debuted in JinuSeen’s third album in 2001. He’s doing his current activities these days, and he was the  Big Bang member to put out solo mini album in 2008.
JY: Ah, come to think of it, he’s really the first member to pull out mini album and solo album.
N: That’s right. At that time, there could have a lot of concerned (for solo activities) but in his case, it was a case that went success in both skills and popularity.
JY: Ah~ As they say, it’s jackpot, really~
N: Yes. The album that we will listen today is an album that came out in 2010. Since somehow I think that I prefer to introduce an album than an mini album, we have prepared Taeyang’s music from [Solar Deluxe Edition] today.
JY: Even the packaging of the album is cool. Just like Taeyang.
I think Taeyang’s album will be a good turning point, something different from those old ones on today’s “Music Commentery 9”.
So, should we listen to it now?
N: Yes~ Shall we?
JY: I think we talked a lot in the beginning, it was a really long chat. Well, I’ll put the CD in the player now. Let’s let it play.

[Intro + I Need A Girl]

N: Alright, you’ve listened to the intro song of Taeyang’s first solo album “Solar”. Unfortunately, the second track “Superstar” can’t be played on air (in South Korea). The song you’ve just listened was the third track “I Need A Girl”.
JY: That’s why I continue to… Um… There are many good songs (in the album), but especially this second track can’t be played on air. So, I read the lyric. But, why can’t we listen to this song? That’s too bad.
N: I agree. In fact, I think there are quite a lot songs that are prohibited with unexplained reason these days.
JY: That’s too bad… There must be some reasons, right? Whatever the reasons are, I’m worried it could limit and inhibit people who do music to be free…
Anyway, “I Need A Girl”  is an awesome song. This song is so cool.
N: Isn’t it? In the middle, there’s a part that reminds me of Byun Ji Sup’s “Wishful Thinking”. In fact, it’s approaching to very widely used Hip-Hop and R&B. I think it’s very nice ideas.
JY: A girl who looks good with jeans, a girl who can enjoy eating kimchi-fried rice that I made well instead.
The lyrics are very exquisite and noticeable in each part..
N: Actually, an artist like Taeyang like an artist that will be liked by teenagers, but if you listen to this song, it could be listened to quite older people as well? They could relate it with old songs that are similar to it (“I Need A Girl” lyric borrowed some idea from “Wishful Thinking” which released in 80’s and was a mega hit in South Korea). So, I think this song is interesting. As I listen,  it’s not just a song that is made in vain.
JY: By the way, don’t you think actually Taeyang could get everything if he wanted it?
N: (laugh)
JY: I can’t find any woman that dislike him even those around my age. In short, they find him very very attractive. There are also a lot of women who pick Taeyang as their ideal type, so as a man, I’m quite envy.
N: Yes, he’s very attractive. When he dances, sings, or even just speak out words, it could make people feel like want to know him.
JY: Ah, girls see that too~
N: A style that rise up curiosity (laugh)
JY: As a man, I see that it seems he’s still pure and innocent when he talks, I also think he’s still quite young, but when he sings and dance, suddenly… “Oh? What’s that? Who’s he?”, something like that. It’s hard to predict him. Anyway, even from man’s point of view… Ah, firstly, he sings very well.
N: That’s right.
JY: As a vocalist, he’s quite… In my assessment, however I’m not really someone in such position to assess. The sensibility of the tone, it’s sophisticated…
N: True~ That’s right~
JY: He’s cool.

[Just A Feeling]

N: The song that is playing right now is the fourth track “Just  A Feeling”.
JY: Sigh~ I’ve said that Taeyang looks amazing when he dances and sings, I really want to do exactly song like this, like “Just A Feeling”. Isn’t the song really nice? If I could only steal 10% of Taeyang’s performance skill, I would try to do it but I can’t even imagine how I’ll be performing. I will sing roughly not least than him.
N: Ah, I’m curious how you’ll perform…
JY: My body is virtually Taeyang right now (laugh)
Ah, I’m envious. Actually, in my opinion, people can be on stage and singing, I think very highly of them, but not everyone could demonstrate performance well.
N: Yes~ That’s true~
JY: I’m a singer so I just managed to sing (this) song, but to singing and uniformly moving your body, I’m quite envy with that ability. What do you think?
N: It’s true~ I’m also interested in his clothing and styling. Singers who do African-American music in early 2000s in South Korea’s music industry will have black hair with reggae style… and also did a lot of curling hair and wear Hip-Hop pants. However, Taeyang didn’t do that. He did Mohawk hairstyle, instead. With that kind of hairstyle and outfit, it’s like rock-chic style? Wearing rockers-look style or like studded leather jacket…
JY: That’s why I noted studded leather jacket as my keyword. It just sticks to my mind.
N: Yes, I think highly of this way of cross-over as well.

[You’re My]

N: This is the fifth track titled “You’re My”, it’s different from the other tracks. It doesn’t use much instrumental. It just uses Rhodes piano and his voice.
JY: Rhodes piano?
N: Yes~
JY: Usually it get bored easily when only voices come out with the sound of piano, but this one suits very well.
N: I agree. There are vocalist whom people think have good skills so they have powerful voice, aren’t there?
JY: There are such person.
N: However, actually, Taeyang’s voice is not that powerful, but I think he’s a vocalist that is gifted with the ability to sing with very detail and with good techniques.
JY: Yes, I think the term “detail” suits him well.


JY: So… Let’s talk about this song you’ve just listened. It’s the sixth track.
N: It’s the sixth track, “Move”. Actually, it’s a song prohibited from the children/youth. I’m glad we could listen to it together on “Blue Night”.
JY: Yeah (laugh)
As I’m listening to this song, I’m imagining myself in a club (laugh). Ah, I’m falling into the song.
N: Are you an aggressive dancer? clubber?
JY: Actually I’m not. I don’t go to club a lot. I go there with friends from time to time. But I wanna go there more these days. There’s a feeling that when I get older, I couldn’t enjoy it anymore.. So I take a look around first, and after one or two shots, it seems like I really try to get into the mood. getting crazy~
N: Uuuh, I’m so curious.
JY: Sometimes I crazy too much, my ppl hold my arms to get me out or.. hahaha Actually I don’t have many experiences.
N: I think this is also a song that we will enjoyed when we see the performance. When I listen to this album, I think of SE7En’s song in his debut album, “Come to Me”. I listened to that album a lot. Back then, it was an album that is praised as “well made” album even it was created with (not so high) budget, and 1TYM’s Teddy did a lot in that album. Teddy has worked hard in writing songs.
JY: This song is also composed by Teddy.
N: Yes, it is. He also did a featuring in the middle of the song.
JY: In fact, the previous played song, some of them are also written, composed, and arranged by Teddy. I think he’s really amazing.
N: Yeah, I think so too.

[Break Down]

N: Then, we continued listen to the seventh track which was “Break Down”. It’s a song with nice rhythm.
JY: I’m still enjoying the cheerful/lilting rhythm until now.
N: There are songs with great bounce feeling in the cheerful rhythm. I think this is one of it.
JY: Actually, when a member of a group come out as solo, the song could be a little empty, but it’s not the case with Taeyang.
N: Yes~ That’s right~
Moreover, with this 2010-released album, he was selected by netizens as Male Musician of the Year in 8th Korean Music Awards. He’s an idol, but…
JY: As a musician as well…
N: That’s right… I guess he also gained recognition from musicians and music critics as an artist.
JY: It’s not an easy thing.
N: Something I’m really envious of.
JY: He has everything. Taeyang…

[Where U At]

N: Unfortunately, the eighth track can’t be heard on air. The song that is just played now is the ninth track, “Where U At”.
JY: It’s also a song that is written, composed, and arranged by Teddy.
N: I think I’ve saw the performance of this song~ Was it on TV? Or maybe I saw the music video? Anyway, I’ve watched it and it’s cool.
JY: Is there not cool performance? From Taeyang? (laugh)
N: Eung, that’s what I’m saying~ There are so many great details in the song, but I also think that the dance is in great detail.
JY: That’s why it’s really difficult because no matter how, it’s not easy to sing well with those dances.
N: Yup~ That’s true~
JY: So, I see that although he’s gifted since he was born, he also did a lot of practice (in dancing).
N: Right~ It’s true~
Even you watch it on TV, he keeps on dancing in great detail as usual.
JY: And, those details remain intensely in his performances, as much as we’ve said how we like it. It also remains in mind that when I listen to the song, I could imagine Taeyang’s stage in my own mind. Although I’ve never seen or watched it… For example, like when Nine said that he has watched it, but I haven’t. Still, to some extent, there are just images come to my mind…
N: Eum… Then, it’s good. You like it.
JY: Have you seen the jacket (of the album)?
N: No, I haven’t.
JY: The album’s jacket is now in my hand. Yah~ It’s awesome.
N: It’s very thick.
JY: It’s quite different album jacket design from those that have been here in “Music Commentary 9”.
N: What kind of design?
JY: You said rock-chic earlier, didn’t you? I think it gives that kind of feeling… Have a look.
N: It’s very thick and wearing studded leather jacket. (laugh)
JY: If I make my album’s jacket like this, people will blame me and say, “What are you doing?”. Because it’s Taeyang, it’s Big Bang, it suits well.


JY: Listening to Taeyang’s album today makes me feel small.
N: Omo~ Don’t be like that…
JY: I shouldn’t be like that… It’s because I like the music~
N: This song is the special track “Prayer”.
Um… Do you know if people who are doing African-American (or Black) music are following the behavior of the Black people? (*Black music are music such as Hip-Hop, R&B, reggae, etc. It’s not about racism at all)
For example, when I was a child, I listened a lot to black music, I curled my hair, called Pingpa hairstyle. I love black people a lot that time.
JY: Such as afro perm…
N: Yes~ Afro perm, a round one.
JY: You did that? (laugh)
N: Yeap~ I also read black literature and listen to music like Marvin Gaye.
JY: I also did a lot of thing like that. There was a time when I was in Hip-Hop style when everybody just love it so much. However, my mother really hate it.
N: When I look at Taeyang, I think of those times. When you like black music, you’ll like the culture too. He seems to have that strong feeling. He’s an artist who will love the culture as well wholly.
JY: Ah, talking about it, I used to mimic their way of walking, dragging my clothes around… And, those are not the only things, but I also like black music and by following them, I think somehow I will get the feel too~ I had that kind of thought.
N: Ah, it was, yes~ that’s right~
JY: I did everything before you did it. Kim Gun Mo sunbae wanted to do pop well that he only ate bread and milk, and only smoke foreign cigarettes. It’s not what’s important but that’s the eagerness, isn’t it?
N: And, I think that they did such commitment and they produced nearly-perfect piece of work. 
JY: Isn’t it? I wonder how Taeyang is about that part.

[Look Only at Me]

JY: Yah, this song finally comes out.
N: Ah, I really like this song.
This song is Taeyang’s solo debut song. It’s the twelfth track, “Look Only at Me”.
JY: Ah, I’ve sung this song before.
N: Oh, really?
JY: Before, I had a joint concert called “The Soul Tour” with Wheesung, Gummy, and Park Hyo Sin. I sang this song with Wheesung and Park Hyo Sin during the tour.
N: Oh, really? Dividing parts?
JY: It was divided into four parts and then we sang the chorus together… Wheesung is a dance machine and Park Hyo Sin also dances well. However, I can’t dance. Anyway, each one of us appeared to emerge differently at the same time. I took a lift ride to come out because I can’t (dance) and I wouldn’t be as good as them. I just remember I said that.
N: I really want to see that (laugh).
JY: Don’t see that (laugh). Ouw, both of them sang very great and as I like the song, I tried hard to sing well, but…
N: I think the song suits you.
JY: Just like the others, I didn’t wish to be absolutely sing like Taeyang, but if my body would like to move and do this, I want to sing this on stage.
N: Please try to prepare it once. I think it suits you well. The style of the song matches you.
JY: Ah, too bad, it’ll look empty… If I don’t unify the song and everything, it will give out the feeling of emptiness. Anyway, “Look Only at Me” is the last track for today. Let’s listen for the last part~

[Closing Ment]

JY: We’ve played eleventh tracks until “Look Only at Me”.
N: Yes.
JY: So… How? Have you written down your keywords?
N: No.. today was the hardest day for making key words.
JY: haha, were you?
N: Yes. hahaha. What happened to me?
JY: For me, I am.. mmm too much thinking flashed through my mind, mainly something modern feelings.. Anyway I barely filled it. I wrote key words about music too but.. The songs are.. How can I say this? It feels little fantastic, has a feeling of universe. Maybe because of the sound effect, so they were swirling in my head, so it wasn’t easy to me too.. Anyway let’s check on them one by one.
N: Ok. Well.. Mohawk hairstyle is the first thing I wrote down.
JY: Just like what we have talked about earlier, I wrote studded leather jacket.
N: Oh, then it’s similar, white sleeveless tee.
JY: Ah, sleeveless tee.
N: Yeap~ (laugh)
JY: Doesn’t it suit him well, very?
N: Suits him very well.
JY: It could also shows Taeyang’s muscular arms.
N: Yes, that’s right (laugh).
JY: And sneeze.
N: Sneeze? That’s unique. why is that?
JY: I sneeze when I see the sun.
N: Ahhh~ yes. uh, there’re some ppl do that.
JY: Yes. Sometimes I.. I feel better after sneezing.
N: Yes?
JY: So sometimes I intentionally see the sun straight.
N: You do?
JY: Then, I sneeze.
N: Straight to the sun, straight to the sun.
JY: And sometimes I almost sneeze but it’s not comes out properly, very annoying you know, then I see the sun quickly. Then I sneeze directly.
N: Wow, amazing. Then.. Isn’t it an allergy? Sun allergy?
JY: What? Ah.. That’s cool. Sun allergy.
N: Is it? (laugh)
JY: (laugh) It’s not supposed to be cool, but it is. (laugh)
N: Oh, I also thought of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s white shirt.
JY: Ah~ Michael Jackson’s white shirt…
N: There are quite a lot songs prohibited for under 19 years old, right? When I was younger, I used to sneak to listen to those prohibited songs. It was Janet Jackson’s album, and I remember it… Yeap.
JY: I have a few more keywords, midnight instinct, and… Taeyang’s love.
N: Taeyang’s love. What’s this?
JY: Oh… Somehow, um… I think that when Taeyang loves someone, he could love passionately like his songs.
N: Ah…
JY: However, on the other side, there’s another keyword. Love is the hardest.
N: Huh?
JY: Taeyang sings well, dances well, good-looking, he has everything.
N: Yes.
JY: But, currently he doesn’t seems to be in love, perhaps Taeyang sees love as the hardest, just like the other people.
N: Oh~ Yah, this is cool. Is that the last one? Love is hard? Love is the hardest?
JY: Love is the hardest. And, one more is Dong Young Bae.
N: Dong Young Bae.
JY: Taeyang’s real name.
N: Yes, his real name.
JY: It just came to my mind. It’s Taeyang himself.
N: I like “love is the hardest”. Love is hard.
JY: Love is the hardest.
N: Yes.
JY: Among yours, I’d pick Michael Jackson’s white shirt.
N: Ah~ Ahahahahahaha, why~
JY: Will you give it to me? I think it’s a very difficult one.
N: We always wrote down nine keywords. I gave them to him.
JY: I had strong impression on Michael Jackson’s white shirt, and then love is the hardest. Yah~ The combination is difficult today, eh? Eum… So, Nine, please help me out once. Michael Jackson’s white shirt.
N: Oh… Eum…
JY: Michael Jackson’s… Even if you wore Michael Jackson’s white shirt, love is the hardest.
N: I exactly thought of that too. Wah…
JY: Even if you wore Michael Jackson’s white shirt, love is the hardest. Love is the hardest. It’s a little… I think it’s not too connected…
N: (laugh)
JY: (laugh)
N: But, there’s no other way. Alright, I made it quite similar, just a little different… Even to Michael Jackson who wears white shirt, love is the hardest.
JY: Um… Then, white shirt represents Michael Jackson, so let’s move it out and change it with Taeyang. And here? I mean, we replaced Michael Jackson, so it’s  Taeyang who wears white shirt. Let’s go with Dong Young Bae.
N: Oh, I like that. Let’s go with Dong Young Bae.
JY: Dong Young Bae. This is somehow more…
N: Realistic?
JY: Isn’t it?
N: Yes, I really think s. (laugh)
JY: It is. Oh… Even to Dong Young Bae who wears white shirt, love is the hardest.
N: (laughing so hard)
JY: In the end, he does white music, but what he want to do the most is to love (someone). I think of like that.
N: Um… Even to the perfect man, love is the hardest.
JY: And now, what Taeyang wants the most is…
Maybe it’s love, actually I do, so…
N: Wah~
JY: I think of that.
N: Of all days, I feel like your additional words are nice today.
JY: (laugh) So, then how should we complete this? I’ve organized it. Should we do it… together?
N: Even to Dong Young Bae who wears white shirt, love is the hardest.
JY: Even to Dong Young Bae who wears white shirt, love is the hardest.
N: (laugh)
JY: So, Taeyang’s music is “Even to Dong Young Bae who wears white shirt, love is the hardest”.
N: Yes.
JY: Sigh, it was difficult. It really was.
N: Really difficult (laugh)

: YBMania
Translated by V @TaeyangINA


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