[NEWS] Brave Brothers: I Didn’t Know Big Bang’s Taeyang Will Become This Successful

When meeting with the journalist at MBC Dream Center in the event of the first live broadcast of MBC “Star Audition: The Great Birth 3” on January 25th , composer Brave Brothers mentioned Taeyang.

*unrelated Taeyang part is omitted – these parts are dicussing “Star Audition: The Great Birth 3″*

Before established Brave Entertainment in 2008, Brave Brothers was active as the exclusive producer and composer to YG Entertianment from 2004 to 2008. Writing numerous hit songs for Big Bang, such as “Last Farewell”, “Wrong Number”, “Wonderful”, etc., he proved his outstanding ability as a producer.

In response to that, Brave Brothers said, “Including my days in YG Entertainment, I’ve walked the path of producer for more than ten years. When I was still in YG, I didn’t know Youngbae (Taeyang) will do become this successful (or “do this well”). While working as a producer, I’ve seen a lot of surprising figures in the music industry. I will have to keep open to that kind of possibility as a producer.”


Saat ditemui wartawan di MBC Dream Center dalam acara penayangan langsung program MBC “Star Audition: The Greath Birth 3” pada Jumat (25/01/2013) lalu, komposer Brave Brothers menyinggung tentang Taeyang.

*bagian yang tidak berhubungan dengan Taeyang diabaikan*

Sebelum Brave Entertainment didirikan pada tahun 2008, Brave Brothers adalah seorang produser dan komposer ekslusif di YG Entertainment dari tahun 2004 hinggau 2008. Menuliskan tidak sedikit lagu hit untuk Big Bang, seperti “Last Farewell”, “Wrong Number”, “Wonderful”, dan lainnya, ia membuktikan kemampuannya sebagai seorang produser.

Menanggapi hal tersebut, Brave Brothers mengatakan, “Saya sudah berada di jalan produser lebih dari sepuluh tahun, termasuk hari-hari saya di YG Entertainment dulu. Saat masih berada di YG, saya tidak tahu kalau Youngbae (Taeyang) akan menjadi sesukses ini. Selagi aktif menjadi produser, saya sudah melihat banyak sosok-sosok yang mengejutkan (tidak disangka-sangka). Sebagai produser, saya harus tetap terbuka pada kemungkinan-kemungkinan seperti itu.”

Brave Entertainment is a South Korean record label. Brave Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Kang Dong Chul after he left YG Entertainment to search for a new goal. Brave Entertainment’s Brave Brothers have collaborated with Starship Entertainment when it was revealed that he produced Sistar‘s debut song “Push Push” and has been producing songs for them, including their hit song,”So Cool” and “Alone”. (-Wikipedia)

: Newsen via Nate

Translated by V @TaeyangINA

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