[FanTaken Photo] Teddy’s Twosome+ Studio Opening Party (130214)

BDD8oZGCUAAjLak BDEEr2-CcAA9UkF BDD4juICcAALHHl BDEFM-RCEAEqxO1 gdyb_twosome+_grandopening_130214_4 Screenshot_2 BDEJJuDCUAEqGxX BDEJS9iCAAILe_S 731657708 BDEHaz7CMAAC8Pk DSC_0174 DSC_0182 DSC_0185 DSC_0121 gdyb_twosome+_grandopening_130214_5 gdyb_twosome+_grandopening_130214_6 gdyb_twosome+_grandopening_130214_7 Screenshot_1 130214 - minakwon instagram 130214 - minakwon instagram-2

Sources: as tagged, naver blogs, Mina Kwon’s instagram


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