Taeyang Working (Hard) in the Studio (130225)

130225 - tablo twitter

in the lab wit @Realtaeyang. he’s killin’ it.

Taeyang x Jeon Seung Woo Convo:

@Leo_Chon: Youngbae is going to direct in a while ㅎ He’s currently co-directing with Tablo-nim ㅎ
@Leo_Chon: The recording is finished ㅎ The fact that Youngbae and Tablo like the result makes me feel satisfied as well ㅎ
@Realtaeyang: @Leo_Chon Hyung~! It was fun after not meeting you for a quite while ㅋ Then (see you) again this week !:)
@Leo_Chon: @Realtaeyang Well, I enjoyed that~ ㅎㅎ I’m glad I can help!!^^

@Leo_Chon: Youngbae akan mengarahkan sebentar ㅎ Sekarang dia sedang memberi arahan bersama Tablo ㅎ
@Leo_Chon: Rekaman sudah selesai ㅎ Saya merasa sangat puas juga mengetahui Taeyang dan Tablo juga menyukai hasil akhirnya ㅎ
@Realtaeyang: @Leo_Chon Hyung~! Sungguh menyenangkan bertemu denganmu setelah cukup lama ㅋ Kalau begitu, (sampai jumpa) lagi minggu ini !:)
@Leo_Chon: @Realtaeyang Aku juga menikmatinya~ ㅎㅎ Aku senang dapat membantu!!^^

Jeon Seung Woo (@Leo_Chon) is a composer and produser. He worked with Big Bang in “A Fool’s Only Tears”. He’s close with Taeyang and often tweets each other on Twitter 🙂

: @Leo_Chon, @Realtaeyang, @blobyblo

Translated by V @ TaeyangINA

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