Taeyang Twitter Update (130226-130302)

~ February 26, 2013 ~

130226 - taeyang twitter

“Dream and reality”

130226 - taeyang twitter-2

“I’m someone who will always dream”

~ February 27, 2013 ~

130226 - taeyang twitter-3

“@YGEXStaff: Everybody, it was a really happy one hour. Thank you so much! There are still more activities from「D’scover」, and national tour will be started. Let’s look forward to it together! (pic)”go buy it..! NOW!!

~ March 1, 2013 ~

130228 - Leo Cheon twitter

@Leo_Chon: A worth day have finished. w/ @Realtaeyang (pic)
@Realtaeyang: @Leo_Chon Ah! (Today was) worth it..!!
@Leo_Chon: @Realtaeyang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Today you worked hard as well Bro!!!^^

130301- taeyang twitter RT

130301 - taeyang twitter

@officialse7en: It’s already March.. According to the press, I will enlist this month!! I won’t be able to communicate with all of you for 21 months so I will tweet a lot before that time!! If you have anything you want to know, please leave some questions. I’ll answer it^^
@Realtaeyang: @officialse7en What does….. chicken () means to Hyung..??
@officialse7en: @Realtaeyang Shut up/go away (쳐)

~ March 2, 2013 ~

130302 - taeyang twittter

“Thank you.. I will definitely repay you through great music :)”


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