Taeyang on “Daesung’s Discovery” in Josei Jishin Magazine

From Josei Jishin Magazine:

This week I will be talking about BIGBANG’s Charismatic Vocalist, SOL san (24).

He is always the same from the past and is hard working. When he gets into something, he only works on that one thing. As you guys may know, he’s into skateboards nowadays. I hate getting injured, but SOL san doesn’t really mind getting hurt. For example, when he discovers new thing he would work on it for months and months. Other members are interested for like the first week, but when he does one thing for a month, I want to tell him “Enough! That’s enough now!” And in his case, since he does one thing consistently, I surprisingly find it interesting. I think to myself, “You’re still doing that!” keke That’s his charm.

I talk about music often with SOL-san. I offer and show him the music I like, and receive teachings from him. I still listen to Chris Brown that he recommended to me in our trainee years. And as vocalists, we ask and consult each other, “What do you think about this part of the music?”

I think Big Bang’s charm is that each and every five members have different voices. Since we have our unique characters, we don’t care about others’ voices. And I think having unique individualities can improve our various talents in many different ways.

And, SOL-san! Please stop imitating voices that’s only known between us! When people who doesn’t know hears it, they won’t get it!

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Translated by @BIGBANGGisVIP


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