[STARCAST] Taeyang yang Karismatik di Ruang Tunggu SBS Inkigayo

This guy here is riding his skateboard. He also shows that he’s relaxed by showing ‘V’ with his fingers. He is in all black charismatic fashion. Sleeveless, shorts, snapback, mask, sneakers are all black. It seems like he would sing black music (strong beat and groove is the point of African-American music). Are you curious who he is? The big cross tattoo on his side is the hint.
Who are you?
“Have you waited for a long time?”
BIGBANG’s Taeyang is back. He has begun his activity by releasing his 2nd regular album, ‘RISE’.
But does he have time to ride his ‘skateboard’? That is asked if you don’t know him. We’re in front of the shooting place of SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’. Taeyang, who just got off the van, rides his ‘skateboard’ and goes to the broadcasting station.
This is the first time in history of ‘Dispatch’s way to work~
It has been 4 years since Taeyang’s 1st regular album, ‘Solar’ in 2010. He says he cannot help being nervous although it has been 8 years since his debut. So that is why he is relaxing by riding his body-like ‘skateboard’. In last 8th, ‘STARCAST’ caught up with Taeyang’s comeback stage in public TV. The story of outside of the stage that cannot be seen on broadcast, GD says, “follow, follow, followwww me”
We went into the waiting room. ‘Taeyang’ was written on the blue paper. We could realize ‘solo’ Taeyang’s comeback.
Shall we start researching the waiting room? There are many ‘items’ that symbolizes Taeyang.
We could first see ‘inear headphones’. This was only for Taeyang. We could see that ‘TAEYANG’ was written on it. There were serial numbers below it. Secret of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ live was here.
Accessories were thick. We could see gold necklace. It was no different from other ones. However, there was a sign that symbolizes ‘Taeyang’s item’. You cannot see it well?
“Shine like the sun~”
Shall we see how he put them on? Gold necklace becomes a ‘bling-bling’ fashion item if Taeyang wears it.
“He only wore a necklace but…”
‘Fashionista’ Taeyang. He refuses normal microphone. His microphone is gold color. He did not miss out small props also. He used it as a set with G-Dragon on his ‘Stay With Me’ stage.
Wait a second. Shall we see the stage item of ‘Stay With Me’ which G-Dragon supported?
“What about the gloves GD wore?”
“Taeyang’s green jacket”
It is the time to prepare for the stage now. He gets his make-up on carefully. The fun would be doubled if you sing the lyrics of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ while you scroll down.
♪ Your eyes
♪ Nose
♪ Lip
♪ Your hand which touched me
♪ Even all your small nails~
He checks his costumes. He wears ‘all-black’ costume like his fashion on his way to work. But get rid of your prejudice that it is a dull fashion. He wore a flashy scarf on his trousers instead of a belt.
His snapback is not ordinary also. He wore a thick mesh before he wore his leather snapback. We could see his blond hair and the black mesh through the holes of his snapback.
“This is Taeyang’s charisma”
He focuses on warming up before he goes up on stage. ‘Hwangssabu’ who is in charge of YG Entertainment affiliated singers’ health, was with him. He maintained the best condition of Taeyang by massaging Taeyang’s hand.
“Hwangssabu has come~”
“put your tension behind~”
“Like this~ Finished”
The waiting room is not only full of tension. Fans’ love made Taeyang smile. Various ‘tribute item’ arrived for celebrating the first broadcast of Taeyang’s comeback. Fans sent various presents from ‘You are the sun, I am the moon’.
“The only ‘Taeyang item’ in the world”
“I Love Taeyang”
“Cheer up by eating this snack~”
“Rise again”
“‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ rice cake!”
Preparation is finished. It is time to be on stage. Taeyang checks his image for the last time. He is full of charisma even though we only look at the side of him.
“Taeyang is rising!”
▶ Have you seen the first broadcast of Taeyang? If you haven’t, concentrate~

Written by Na Ji Yeon (Dispatch)
Pictures from YG Entertainment
Taken from Naver

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