Taeyang Comeback Stage on M!Countdown (140612)

Taeyang Cuts on MNet M!Countdown

Taeyang performs 1AM + Intro (RISE) + Eyes, Nose, Lips and Winning #1 on MNet M!Countdown

태양, 인피니트 제치고 '엠카' 1위 '양사장님 감사'

BIGBANG’s TAEYANG who returned as a solo became #1 on M Countdown.
On June 12, TAEYANG won against the other contestant Infinite with his new title track “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” and topped the music program M Countdown aired live at Seoul Sangam CJ E&M Center through its cable channel Mnet.
After seizing victory thanks to the real-time voting outcome, TAEYANG commented, “It’s been a while since I returned as a solo, and I thank you all for loving my music. Thank you boss (Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK) for making TAEYANG shine, and producer Teddy and Ji Young for helping me a lot. I thank the fans and my parents. I will do my best.”
He was personally involved in writing the title track, which is a slow R&B that maximizes his sentimental voice. The song is about a man yearning for long-gone love.
On the show, other artists like Bob Girls, Boyfriend, VIXX, San E-Raina, Sweet Sorrow, Lee Ye Jun, Infinite, Jeon Hyo Seong, Jeong Gi Go, Children of Empire, G.Na, Ji Yeon, Cherry Filter, Crush, Tahiti, ToppDogg and Fly to the Sky were present as well.
Check out Taeyang’s winning photos here.

Source: @MnetMcountdown, @MnetKR, 베티핑끄@YouTube, BIGBANG Official YouTube Channel, YG-Life

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