Taeyang & Seungri on Naver Star Cast (140704)

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Quick translations from Twitter:
Thanks to @BIGBANGGisVIP, @HuiSuYoon, and @ShrimpLJY!
Taeyang: Seungri always tells me that my song is good. It’s kind of embarrassing, but it makes me happy.
Seungri: Everyone around me loves “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. They always play it and ask me about Taeyang hyung.
Seungri: I think the Starcast staff really likes me. I didn’t have to be here, but they asked me to come. (laughs)
Taeyang: You called GD and Daesung last time on Naver Starcast, but you didn’t call me… why?
Seungri: Because you were in another country.
Seungri: I was worried you had a hard time preparing your album and stuff.
Taeyang: My mom was worried as well, but my mom seems really happy that my album is doing really good these days. It’s a relief.
Seungri: Youngbae hyung and I live in the same building. Every Thursday is cleaning day, and my mom and Taeyang’s mom are so happy that Taeyang’s album is doing so well. Taeyang’s mom always says, “Thank goodness his album is successful!”
Taeyang: *laughs*
Taeyang: How are you doing these days?
Seungri: I’m resting these days after finishing a drama. I’ve been traveling abroad and cooling my head. I watched your promotion videos while I was there.

Seungri: Naver Starcast gives us the time with our fans talking about some honest deep stuff. Thank you always and congratulations on your first anniversary.
Taeyang: We’ll be talking about my RISE promotions, as well as things about Big Bang, so don’t miss it.
Seungri: I just heard there are about 130,000 fans watching right now. This is the 1st time this many people are watching!
Taeyang: Starcast Awards. First award is “Do you know fashion?” award. As expected, it’s G-Dragon.
Seungri: Fashion icon. Whatever GD wears, it becomes a trend. He’s our member but it still amazes me.
Taeyang: You used to copy GD, right?
Seungri: I used to earlier, but I realized it doesn’t suit me.
Seungri: I thought I should start matching with our members, so I enjoy wearing snapbacks these days. I wanted to be fashionistas like GD & YB hyungs so I followed them to Paris, but I got sick… caught a cold… I couldn’t hang out a lot, and came back home after 2 days. I guess Paris didn’t suit me. I only ate Korean food in Paris… yes, I didn’t have that much good experience!
Taeyang: Best Fan Service Award goes to Seungri!
Seungri: I use Twitter and Instagram, and one of the reasons I use it is for the enjoyment of my fans.
Seungri: Did you see my photo of RISE?
Taeyang: Yes, I saw it and clicked “like”.
Seungri: Oh you saw it? I had a hard time taking that photo. It was a hot day.
Taeyang: Did you take it in Japan?
Seungri: In Korea.
Taeyang: When I look at Seungri’s Twitter or Instagram, I always think I need to learn from him. I would be a fan of him too. I always say this, but thank you so much. I’m not as good as Seungri, but please know that I am sincere to you guys. I love you.
Seungri: Best Visual Award goes to T.O.P! I recently had wine with T.O.P hyung and wow… this hyung just gets more and more handsome as time goes on!
Taeyang: Just like how wine gets better over time, T.O.P hyung gets more and more handsome as well.
Seungri: T.O.P hyung told me, “Seungri-ya, why did you get so old? Your face looks longer.” So I told him, “everyone’s faces get longer (because of gravity)!”


Seungri: I recently drank some wine with T.O.P hyung, and he gets more and more handsome every time I look at him.
Taeyang: His handsomeness increases as time goes on! T.O.P hyung loves wine and just like how a wine tastes better as it gets older, his eyes get deeper and he becomes more manly and handsome.
Seungri: Recently, after his movie shooting, T.O.P hyung had troubles on his skin. He put some trouble patches on and he still looked really handsome.
Taeyang: Whatever that hyung does, he is handsome. It’s kind of bad how he knows that fact himself. *jokes*
T.O.P: My movie will be released a month later.
Seungri: What are you doing now?
Taeyang: How are you doing these days?
T.O.P: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested.
Seungri: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit?
T.O.P: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…
Taeyang: What?
T.O.P: To the fans of the original series…
Taeyang: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?
Seungri: T.O.P-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.
Seungri: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung… How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?
T.O.P: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid (obvious) question like that?
Seungri: I think our fans will be curious how T.O.P hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?
T.O.P: *sings*
SR&Taeyang: A little bit longer!
T.O.P: *sings*
Taeyang: Have you even heard of my song before…
Taeyang: I don’t think that sounds like my song…
T.O.P: *sings again*
Seungri: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?
Taeyang: Anyways, T.O.P hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.
Taeyang: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?
T.O.P: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*
Seungri: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?
T.O.P: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.
Seungri: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting.
Seungri: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary!
Seungri: Please say one last word to us!
T.O.P: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think T.O.P meant to say that too but was too tired)
Seungri: Right, right.
T.O.P: Congratulations.
Taeyang: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?
T.O.P: Why would I congratulate Starcast?
Seungri: Ah~ You’re so bad~
Taeyang: But you’re very honest!
Seungri: Say something to our fans!
T.O.P: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys.
Seungri: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~
T.O.P: Okay~
Seungri: Thank you! Get more sleep~
T.O.P: Okay!

• PHONE CALL WITH DAESUNG • (Not complete)

Seungri: “We Really Want to See You on Starcast“ Award goes to Daesung.
Taeyang: Daesung is busy touring in Japan, why don’t we call him?
Taeyang: Konnichiwa~
Seungri: Please sing for us.
Daesung: *sings Eyes, Nose, Lips* Like last year, I say hello to you from Japan. I’m touring in Sapporo, Japan. I’m eating well and doing fine.
Seungri: I got bitten by a mosquito. *itches* This is live!
Taeyang: I saw a huge cockroach over there earlier.
Seungri: Aren’t you preparing an album?
Daesung: Maybe in July… I’m not sure, but I’ll try to prepare a Korean album too.
Seungri: I think our members are awesome, promoting in Japan, filming a movie. I heard T.O.P’s movie is really good!


Fan: I gave up studying to watch this.
Seungri: Don’t do that!
Taeyang: You have to study first and then enjoy.
Fan: What do you when you’re bored?
Taeyang: I don’t get bored these days, but when I’m free, I ride a bike.
Seungri: I’m into Jujitsu right now.
Taeyang: I was running and listening to music and I heard Seungri grunting. He was wrestling our trainer Hwang Ssabu doing Jujitsu.
Q: When do you miss VIPs the most?
Taeyang: Now because I’m promoting.
Seungri: I remember my fans’ faces and names. I miss my fans all the time.
Taeyang: Even memorizing names?
Seungri: Sigh. Artists, you have 2 options, memorize every fan’s name, or memorize none of them.
Seungri: “I’m the Soul Maker” Award goes to Taeyang. Taeyang has soul and T.O.P hyung has sool (alcohol in Korean).
Taeyang: We live in Seoul.
Taeyang: We love meeting our fans and we always want to, but we still don’t have a lot of rights to choose/do that. I’m just being honest.


Fan’s wish: Mini Concert Tour in Korea, celebrating Big Bang’s 8th Anniversary.
Taeyang: I think that’s quite possible but…
Seungri: There is a YG concert in August.
Fan’s wish: Big Bang’s 30th Debut Anniversary. Still five forever.
Seungri: Big Bang hasn’t fought that much and..
Taeyang: Yes, and this not only a fan’s headline wish. It’s Big Bang’s wish headline.
Seungri: We were watching The Rolling Stones in Singapore and we wish we will be together even after we have our own families. We thought it will be amazing to have a concert like that, years from now.
Seungri: 180,000 fans watching now!! I guess everyone is watching after work!
Fan’s wish: Before Big Bang’s comeback, we wish Big Bang to get a medical check up!
Taeyang: I will make sure we’ll be doing a medical check up before our comeback. The last time I got sick was about two weeks ago because I ate something bad.
Seungri: I rarely get sick, but last Christmas, I was hospitalized.


Q: More albums in a year?
Taeyang: I like making music and albums, but I think we need to be serious in making and releasing albums.
Seungri: When we eat with our members, we talk about music a lot. We jokingly say, “It’s so hard to make good music that pleases people.”
Q: Seungri, choose: Taeyang or GD?
Seungri: I would choose Youngbae hyung because I have a lot of similarities to GD hyung. I want to learn from YB.
Taeyang: I think 5 years ago..? “U Go Girl” performance at MKMF was great!
Seungri: I worked really hard for it.
Taeyang: I think my favorite hairstyle has to be my signature mohawk.
Seungri: Our manager hyung recently tried to copy Taeyang hyung’s mohawk. I was like, “what are you doing?”
Q: One thing Seungri is better at than G-Dragon?
Seungri: Aegyo!
Taeyang: Seungri’s aegyo is great, but it make me cringe sometimes.
Q: Female celebrity you want to go on vacation with.
Taeyang: There isn’t any. If there was, I will say it out loud right now. I like Haru the most. I wanted to have an “ice cream” date with her, but she was sick. I want to go travel with her. What about you, Seungri?
Seungri: I like A-Pink… all of them! This is my first time saying this. I like their song “Chu”! *sings and dances*
Taeyang: Call A-Pink now!
Seungri: Ah no need. Too *shy/embarrassed*
Taeyang: Take a picture with them later. I don’t know if you knew, but A-Pink lives in the same building as us!
Seungri: Infinite lives there too! I’m close to them!
Q: Will you be performing until you have grey hair?
Taeyang: We would love to, but we’re not sure fans will us having gray hairs.


Fan: I’m 15.
Taeyang: You are too young. Why do you like Big Bang?
Fan: Please sing “Love Song”.
Taeyang: *sings* *forgets lyrics*
Seungri: Your favorite member in Big Bang?
Fan: I will choose Taeyang and Seungri.
Taeyang: How did you get pick again? *jokes*
Seungri (to the fan): Make sure to record this because not a lot of people like me like you *jokes* I really like you.
Fan wants to major in police administration.
Seungri: Hopefully not, but if I ever get in trouble, you need to help me out!
Q: Member with the prettiest eyes, nose, lips?
Seungri: They all have nice lips and noses! Daesung hyung’s nose is great!
Q: Any artist you want to collab with?
Taeyang: For Seungri, is it A-Pink?
Seungri: Chu~

• “X” OR “O” QUIZ •

Q: T.O.P gave Seungri advice before shooting the drama?
Taeyang: X.
Seungri: It’s “O”.
Taeyang: I thought T.O.P was too busy.
Q: Seungri was in the drama “Hotel King”.
Taeyang: X. It’s so easy.
Q: Tablo wrote the lyrics for 1AM?
Seungri: X? O?
Q: Taeyang and GD released a photo book shot in London?
Seungri: O?
Taeyang: It’s Paris.
Taeyang: You got so many things wrong. I kept saying I released an album after 4 years, but you confused it with 5 years.

Seungri: My favorite song is track 1. Throw your hands in the air. I will sing one now. *sings Eyes, Nose, Lips*
Seungri: I think my song “Come to My” and “Eyes, Nose, Lips” go well together!! *sings* I want a club DJ to make a remix and play it!
Taeyang: After my tour concert in Japan, I’m planning to hold a concert in Korea, so please stay tuned!
Seungri: 1 hour has already passed! I think it will be so much fun if we could be here with all our members next time! Please expect Big Bang’s album as well, maybe end of this year.
Taeyang & Seungri: Thank you, this was BIG! BANG!

Translated by @BIGBANGGisVIP (bigbanggisvip.tumblr.com), @HuiSuYoon, and @ShrimpLJY
Video uploaded by 베티핑끄 
All via bigbangupdates

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